Aroma ARC-616SB Professional Rice Cooker Review

Deciding that you need to purchase a rice cooker is one thing, finding the perfect one that will be worth the money you spend on it is a completely different task that most people dread. This is because there are so many models that claim to be reliable and able to handle all that you require from them. If you are at this point and you need help to decide and find the perfect brand then this article is for you.

Latest Customer Reviews

The perfect kitchen appliance
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Nikia Ramadovski
I cannot express in words how much I love this rice cooker! It cooks both brown and white rice perfectly, but it doesn’t stop there! It steams food at the same time you are cooking the rice. There is a sauté then simmer function that is excellent when cooking things like stews and chilies. You can cook oatmeal in it and even bake. This cooker is so fantastic!
Great for college
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Miranda Kurt
I like this awesome rice cooker! White rice, brown rice and yes, even soups and cake! I’ve personally tried the cake function on this thing and it is incredible! It has a setting for soup and oatmeal; I’ll probably give that a try soon. I bought this rice cooker for college and I would recommend it to anyone heading off to school who wants to make awesome rice or other things to eat!
The best rice cooker I ever had
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Jonathan David
This is one of the best kitchen appliances on my counter top. A product that gives you value for money, when it comes to quality, design and functionality. Cooks my rice well and it is able to do more such as steaming and baking. The oblong shape makes it look stunning. It doesn’t have that awful odor that other rice cooking appliances have. The best rice cooker I have so far.

Our Review

The Aroma Professional 6-Cup Rice Cooker makes 12 cup of cooked rice, boasting a one touch operation and a tempered glass lid. This rice cooker also has a removable non-stick cooking pot and an automatic keep-warm feature which can steam and cook simultaneously. It comes with the following accessories: rice measuring cup, serving spatula, steam tray.

This is one of the most reliable and efficient rice cooker in the industry and here is why you should have it:

  • Prepares any kind of meal by just the push of a button.
  • It has a large capacity of cooking up to 6 cups of rice that makes it great for a large family.
  • It has an automatic keep warm setting that guarantees you hot food when you need it.

The Aroma Professional 6-Cup automatic rice cooker gives you quality rice each and every time you use it. It can cook practically anything you need it to such as soups, oatmeal, and porridge and bake cakes. It uses a unique sensor technology that allows the machine to think on its own so it is able to tell if the food needs more or less heat or if it is ready.

The keep warm function continues to warm the food after it is done cooking and you can easily reheat it hours after it was done and it will still be fresh and delicious. It has a delayed timer that lets you preset the time hours before you need the food ready.


It measures 14 × 10.8 × 8.9 inches thus it is medium sized and it has a medium capacity of 6 cups of rice which can feed about 12 people comfortably. It’s perfect for large families, but you need to check if you have enough available space to store it.

Heating Technology

It uses a logic sensor technology with the help of a microchip that controls the heat in the rice cooker depending on what is cooking. In other words it thinks for itself on what the food needs and delivers well cooked food on time.

It’s not a conventional rice cooker and it makes your rice fluffy and cooks pretty fast. Important tip: Saute-Then-Simmer (STS) function allows you to use high heat for sautéing the switches to simmer when liquid is added.


It has an attractive oblong design that has a stainless steel exterior which will complement your kitchen perfectly whether you prefer old or modern designs. It has a traditional design yet the stainless steel makes it high-quality. The well-placed buttons make functions easy to use.


All the functions are very clear and easy to use depending on the type of meal you are making. It allows for steaming while the rice is cooked and it can cook all types of grains effectively by choosing the setting that corresponds with it.

Clean Up

All the parts are easily removable for proper hand washing or if you prefer using the dishwasher, you can simply pop it in and it will clean up thoroughly.


This is an unbelievably affordable rice cooker costing only $60 considering its multiple functions that let you cook anything in it. In a nutshell, you get the best bang for your buck when purchasing this appliance.


It has one year warranty therefore you do not have to worry about having to incur repair costs that may arise due to technical problems. From what we’ve read in the reviews and our experience combined, Aroma is one of the best rice cooker brands in the world thus you won’t have any problems with it.

Add Ons

It comes with a steaming tray for steaming food while cooking your rice, a measuring cup and a serving spatula. It’s a rice cooker that really does what it says and doesn’t have too many unnecessary add ons, just the essentials.

Features and Specifications

This is a very reliable rice cooker that has several options which allow you to cook different meals depending on what you need. The microchip allows it to determine the conditions in which your food will cook so there is no need for you to keep checking from time to time. Keep your food warm for hours then reheat it to have perfectly fresh food.

  • Food steamer, rice cooker
  • One touch functionality
  • Removable non-stick surface
  • Automatic keep-warm
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Steam tray, serving spatula, and rice measuring cup
  • 6-Cup Capacity

With the Sensorlogic technology, Quick Rice function, and Smart steam, the Aroma Professional Rice Cooker truly takes the rice cooking technology to another level. You can use it to steam vegetables and meat and feed a very large family.

Pros and Cons

It can prepare different kind of dishes such as soups, oatmeal and even bake cakes.
It has easy to use controls that allow you to simply push the button you need and it will handle everything else.
The delayed timer allows you to set a time when you need your food done even if it’s many hours away.
It has added accessories such as measuring cup, steaming tray and serving spoon.
It works as a steamer and slow cooker as well.
Easily removable non-stick inner pot.
Smart steam option allows for shutting off automatically.
It has a Teflon surface which some people may not prefer.
Large capacity means large storage, so before your purchase it know if you have enough space available to keep it.
It can be used only with the cup that comes along.

Aroma Professional Rice Cooker Review: Summary

This rice cooker can handle all your rice cooking needs whether you like rice or you bought it to cook other meals in it. It is very easy to use since all the options are very clear making it the perfect rice cooker for those who need something that will make their cooking experience easier.

With this machine, do not ever restrict yourself to just cooking rice because you can steam meat, vegetables and make soups or other stuff. Treat your family with very delicious meals without having to worry about cooking. The Aroma Professionals 6-Cup rice cooker really takes care of all your large needs. It doubles as a slow cooker and food steamer and it’s a great appliance given that you have enough space to store it.

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