What is the best Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker?

Zojirushi NP-NVC10 is the Rolls-Royce of rice cookers. There are many models and brands of fuzzy logic rice cooker however the best model on the market right now is the Zojirushi NP-NVC10. With top-of-the-range features such as induction heating with artificial intelligence, it has three pressure settings that give you options of how you would like your rice to be cooked.

Best Fuzzy Rice Cooker Review

When you have made the decision to purchase an appliance, you need to go through the long and sometimes tedious process of looking for the best products in the market; this is the same case when you are looking for a fuzzy logic rice cooker. You have to look for ones with the best reviews so as to ensure that you have a good product that will give you quality services for a very long time.

There are different types of rice cookers on the market, one of the best that most people prefer is the neuro fuzzy logic cooker which unlike other basic cookers, are made to make decisions by themselves in terms of heat control and the overall cooking process. These appliances mimic the human mind thus if you were to buy one you would end up with perfect rice without much work on your part since the cooker will handle anything for you.

This article is meant to be guide when you are buying so that you are able to tell which features you should look for when purchasing a fuzzy logic rice cooker. We will give you details about the advantages of each model and some of their top features that distinguish them from other brands that you may come across. In other words by the end of this article you should be able to make a wise decision from the models that we have outlined for you. Let's see more about what an automatic rice cooker is.

One of the most important steps that you have to take before settling for a specific model of rice cooker is ensuring that you have read various reviews that will help you in determining whether the particular model with take care of your needs. This article gives you a conclusive review of various models of fuzzy logic rice cookers that are on the market so that you may have an easy time making a wise decision. Fuzzy logic rice cookers have an upper hand in terms of technology and performance since they use state-of-the-art technology to make them a must have appliance in your kitchen.

They have a chip that helps them automatically determine the temperature requirements for preparing a certain dish within your preset settings. If you are the kind of person who has limited time but you would still like to enjoy perfectly cooked meals, then you should choose this type of rice cooker since apart from giving you perfectly cooked rice, they also guarantee you other well-cooked meals such as soups, porridge or steamed vegetables.

The Benefits of Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers

There are a number of reasons why you would choose to buy a fuzzy logic rice cooker as opposed to the normal rice cookers that are in the market. This is because the best fuzzy logic rice cookers have tons of benefits that outweigh the basic ones which are highlighted below:

Induction heating.

This allows the rice cooker to independently change or adjust the cooking temperature depending on the cooking of the rice which means that you will not have to monitor the cooking as often. This feature ensures that your rice is cooked perfectly depending on its type.


Fuzzy logic rice cookers can cook different types of rice such as white rice, sushi, and even brown rice since it has different adjustments that you can set to have your rice cooked perfectly. You can also use your cooker to prepare different dishes such as vegetables, soups and even bake.

Pressure cooking.

This is a type of cooking that is done in a completely airtight pan, it allows you to cook your rice exactly the way you want it either fast or slow without much interference, all you need to do is set your rice, and cover it, the rest will be done by the cooker.

Best Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers Reviews

Given the fact that there are so many rice cooker brands, it may be a bit difficult to determine which ones are the best. This is why we have summarized the top fuzzy logic rice cooker brands that are on the market right now and which have different prices and features. The following models should be able to cater for all your rice cooking needs. We have highlighted their advantages and the kind of kitchen they would be suited for.

Zojirushi NP-NVC10 Induction Heating Pressure Cooker Review

  • Induction cooker that gives you high heating for hard grains and equally low heating for the softer coking that you may be doing.
  • Advanced technology or artificial intelligence that learns and improves the style of cooking so that you end up with perfect results every time.
  • Nonstick inner pan that allows you to cook comfortably without having to worry about checking your rice every now and then to ensure that it does not burn.
  • Automatic keep warm that can keep the rice warm without further cooking for up to 12 hours.

The Zojirushi NP-NVC10 boasts a stylish exterior that truly gives your kitchen a modern finesse. It is also multi-purpose and doubles as a warmer and pressure cooker. The advanced technology adapts the cooking style so that it offers the best results every time.

This is one of the most advanced induction rice cookers on the market due to its multiple options of cooking your rice. It has three pressure settings that it automatically chooses from to ensure that you have perfectly cooked rice. The keep warm feature is one of the best that offers extended warming and reheating when you need the rice to come up to a temperature that is just like after cooking.

Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5 Cup Micom Rice Cooker Review

  • It is a 4- in one function since it can cook rice, Tacook synchro- cooking, slow cooking and steaming.
  • Fully automated cooking that is achieved by just a push of a button.
  • Easy to wash inner lid since it is removable.
  • It automatically keeps food warm after cooking so there is no need to keep checking if it is getting cold.

The Tiger JAX-T10U-K is a multi-functional rice cooker which boasts the all-new 'tacook' synchronized cooking option. You need minimal preparation to start cooking and the automatic system monitors cooking temperatures to generate a perfect meal. It also has a slow cooker function that can help you achieve the best taste ever.

This rice cooker pays a lot of attention to the flavor of the food since the plate is made in a way that no foreign flavors can be absorbed and thus destroy the taste of the food. Thanks to the Tacook system of cooking, you can easily cook something else in the pot while the rice is cooking without them mixing and they both end perfectly.

Bottom line: we love it!

Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker with Slow Cooker and Bread Maker Review

  • 11 easy to use computerized menu options.
  • It is multifunction which means that it can cook different kinds of rice perfectly.
  • It has a 5 layer metal and 3layer coating that helps in even cooking.
  • It has a removable lid for easy washing.

The Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U is marketed as a rice cooker, but it does much more than that! It boasts multiple unique functions that let you bake bread, steam vegetables, make fritttata and slow cook stews. It cooks rice to pure perfection as well!

This is one of the best multi- functional rice cookers since it has both fast and slow cooking option for when you are on no hurry. The best aspect about this cooker is the fact that you can cook bread in it and it will turn out perfectly due to its multiple layered pot that provides even heating. It also uses Micom technology that not only helps you achieve perfect rice; it also helps with the automatic warming feature.

Panasonic SR DE103 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Review

  • Advanced fuzzy logic automatically adjusts the heat and time so as to achieve perfectly cooked rice even without your monitoring.
  • It is multifunctional which gives you a number of options on how you would like your cooking to be done.
  • Features a pushbutton lid release option
  • 24 hour preset timer that gives you the ability to set the timer long before you need the rice to be done.
  • Nonstick pan that is very easy to clean.
  • High-quality materials that preserve the taste

With a digital display and thoughtful design, the Panasonic SR-DE103 rice cooker offers you a variety of options to choose from such as fast or slow cook which ensures that you get the desired texture of rice at the time that you want. The keep warm feature allows you to maintain the temperature of the rice till you need it thus you do not need to continuously monitor it.

This product outweighs the other fuzzy logic rice cookers on the market with its no-frills design. This machine stands apart and boasts a black lid with stainless steel body. The egg-shaped design is unique and the menu options are quite hard to comprehend, but this is what makes a great product.

Aroma ARC-616SB Professional Rice Cooker Review

  • Multifunction feature allows it to prepare different kinds of rice.
  • It has a 15-hour delayed timer that can deliver to you freshly cooked rice when you need it.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • It comes with useful accessories such as a steaming tray, spatula and measuring cup.

The Aroma Professional Rice Cooker is an excellent device which can prepare up to 20 cups of cooked rice, whether brown, red, or white. It also cooks soups, chilli, jambalaya and other dishes with maximum ease. If you need to steam vegetables and meat, you can do that. It is one of the best features (the steamer) and overall we found that it truly is a professional machine.

It is one of the best-selling rice cooker models due to its high quality functions that offer versatility for people who are always on the move. It can cook any kind of rice thanks to the great heat controls that it has that delivers as expected. The keep warm feature ensures that the food is warm even after it is done cooking.

Pros and Cons

They use induction system heating that allows them to automatically control the cooking of the rice without your monitoring.
They are very easy to clean since they have non-stick inner pans and removable lid.
Pressure cooking options which ensure that your food cooks under either high pressure or low pressure allows it to retain the flavors effectively.
They are multifunctional which allow you to cook different types of rice from white to brown rice and even prepare different dishes such as soups and even baking.
The automatic keep warm feature allows the cooker to keep the food warm after it is done cooking so that you can have hot food when you need to.
They LCD control panels are very easy to use and have timers that show you how much time is left for the food to be cooked which allows you to time yourself effectively.
They might be a little bit noisy for some people.
Some of them are messy especially if you overload with rice.
You can only hand-wash the cookers since they are too large for the dish washer.
Very expensive. This type of rice cookers can have double or triple prices.

What should you look for when purchasing a fuzzy logic rice cooker?


Rice cookers come in different sizes from small, medium to large capacity ones. Know exactly what size you need then explore your choices from that specific size. This is important so that you may have quality features form the size of rice cooker that you want. For instance, the Aroma Professional Rice Cooker is great for large families and it's extremely reliable.

Heating technology

Most fuzzy logic cookers use induction heating which means the source of heat is not underneath the rice cooker as it happens with the traditional ones. In addition to this, induction heating coupled with Fuzzy Logic is capable of making decisions for you in terms of the heat requirements that are needed when you are cooking. However there are other types of heating such as pressure heating which give you more options on how you want to cook your food to perfection. The time of heating that you choose should also depend on how busy you are or your activities.

Fuzzy logic

Another factor to consider is whether you need the best fuzzy logic rice cooker or the basic cooker. Fuzzy logic rice cookers are better in terms of features and performance that will allow you to get more from your rice cooker compared to the basic cookers. The Micom technology is amazing. If you're a person who loves things to be simple, fuzzy logic might not be for you, yet it's always recommended to explore.


They all have different designs. Some are modern while others are more traditional. Depending on the kind of design you have for your kitchen, you should choose a rice cooker that will fit in perfectly. Know what type of kitchen you have so that you will buy something that suits with your design. A programmable rice cooker offers a superior design.


Rice cookers have different abilities of handling your cooking thus if you cook rice often, then you need a rice cooker that will allow you to be able to get exactly what you need without breaking down or having any technological malfunctions. If you're an avid rice lover and plan to cook every day, you should consider this an investment thus a more expensive product should be on your list.

Clean up

This is one of the most important factors that you need to check when you are purchasing your rice cooker. Since they are cooking appliances, hygiene is very important thus the cooker that you choose should be very easy to disassemble for effective cleaning so that you can reassemble it easily enough.


Rice cookers cost differently thus it will be easy for you to have a rice cooker that will fall within your budget. You can go for different brands which have good quality rice cookers of about $50 only while the top of the range rice cookers can cost as much as $500. All you have to do is choose the range that you can afford. Search in the 'rice cooker digital' category in online stores to get to grips with prices.


This is important since it covers you in case your rice cooker breaks down or has a technological problem. It is wise to purchase a rice cooker that comes with at least 12 months warranty since this will help you gauge its quality.


These are accessories that are bought together with the rice cooker for purposes of making your cooking experience much better. These include spatula, steaming pan and measuring cups which help you in ensuring that you have the right amount of rice in your cooker.

Know that rice cookers also double as food processors so it's actually essential to know which add ons come in the package. If what you need is not there, you might have to pay extra for add ons.

Buy a rice cooker today!

There are a lot of factors that you have to take into account when you are purchasing a rice cooker since this will determine the quality of the cooker that you will end up with. Make sure that you follow this guide since it will help you get the perfect rice cooker for your needs. Do not forget to make comparisons and read more reviews so as to get different views on the features then make your decision.

We've checked hundreds of reviews and the information presented here covers everything you need to know about the best fuzzy logic rice cookers. You are now ready to buy your favorite product! Click here for huge discounts!