What is the Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice?

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH is the very best brown rice cooker due to its superior induction heating which provides the high heat and pressure required to cook brown rice. It can also make a variety of other dishes such as porridge and chilly and it is very easy to clean due to the removable inner lid ad pot.

Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice Review

Rice cookers are very useful appliances that everyone should have in their kitchen since they are not only good for cooking all kinds of rice, they can be used for a variety of other uses such as steaming, making soups and even baking. However, there are rice cookers that are well known for cooking specific types of rice for example brown rice cookers which have the best reviews. So if you need these types of rice cookers, there are a number of things you need to look at that are explained in this article.

When you are looking for a rice cooker for brown rice you need to make sure that it is fast enough and has different options for cooking since brown rice normally takes much longer to cook compared to other kinds of rice. There are a lot of models that are perfect for cooking brown rice that all have different specifications and price this is what you will find in this article; we have explained the top brands that you should look out for since they are the best in the market.

When buying a rice cooker, it is always a good thing to consider some of the top reviews on different brands, since these are usually given by different people who have experienced what it is like to cook using that specific rice cooker thus they can give you their unbiased opinion. We have also explained some of the advantages and disadvantages of the models so that you are able to make a more informed decision.

This review is aimed at bringing into light the numerous features and benefits of brown rice cookers and to explain to you why it is a must have appliance in your kitchen. There is a brown rice cooker model that will cater for your needs so well you will believe that it was specially made for you, they came in different sizes which gives you a number of options to explore whether you have a large or small family. Another thing to take into consideration is how efficient and automatic the rice cooker is since one of the best features of a rice cooker is that they are automatic thus allowing you to freely go on with your house duties without having to worry about whether the rice is evenly cooked or if it is burnt.

We have also given you the benefits of these rice cookers so that you can see exactly how they will improve your cooking experience and life as a whole. Given that they can make more than simply rice, you can use them to experiment cooking new kinds of meals and thanks to the multi-options that you have you are sure to have fun using your new appliance so it does not matter whether you like rice or not.

The Benefits of Rice Cookers for Brown Rice

Before you are able to determine which model of rice cooker is perfect for your needs, you need to first figure out what benefits they bring to your life. Brown rice cookers have numerous benefits that anyone who will be using them would be proud of.

Induction heating.

These rice cookers mostly use induction heating which provides you with higher heating temperatures that are perfect for brown rice which requires this so as to cook much faster. This type of heating also guarantees you control over the cooking process so that you can have perfectly cooked food all the time.

Keep Warm Mode.

This feature allows the rice cooker to continue keeping your rice warm even after it is done cooking. It does not cook the food any further thus you do not have to worry about having overcooked food. You can have your food warm for more than 10 hours whereby you can simply reheat it and enjoy. Cooking brown rice in a rice cooker can be hard without this feature.


The brown rice cookers can cook a number of different types of rice such as white and sushi rice. They can also be used for baking cakes, making porridge and soups which make them a good investment since you can get all your meals done by it.

Use LCD operations.

Some rice cookers may be really complicated to use due to their difficulty to understand controls but this is not the case with the brown rice cookers, they are easy to operate by the Simple Push of a Button.

Top Rated Rice Cookers for Brown Rice Reviews

The following is a list of the best rice cookers for brown rice models and their specifications and advantages, that should also be at the top of your list since they are the very best that you will ever find anywhere. When you put brown rice in rice cooker it needs more water thus a certain product must be used. We read hundreds of reviews and checked many sources to find the absolute most useful information for you. It's hard to choose a product with all the specifications that you need, but it's also easier to have them all on one page. Read on to find out everything about the best products nowadays.

Zojirushi NP-NVC10 Induction Heating Pressure Cooker Review

  • Induction cooker that gives you high heating for hard grains and equally low heating for the softer coking that you may be doing.
  • Advanced technology or artificial intelligence that learns and improves the style of cooking so that you end up with perfect results every time.
  • Nonstick inner pan that allows you to cook comfortably without having to worry about checking your rice every now and then to ensure that it does not burn.
  • Automatic keep warm that can keep the rice warm without further cooking for up to 12 hours.

The Zojirushi NP-NVC10 boasts a stylish exterior that truly gives your kitchen a modern finesse. It is also multi-purpose and doubles as a warmer and pressure cooker. The advanced technology adapts the cooking style so that it offers the best results every time.

This is one of the most advanced induction rice cookers on the market due to its multiple options of cooking your rice. It has three pressure settings that it automatically chooses from to ensure that you have perfectly cooked rice. The keep warm feature is one of the best that offers extended warming and reheating when you need the rice to come up to a temperature that is just like after cooking.

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH 5.5 Cups Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

  • Made in Japan Rice Cooker!
  • Triple heater that is on the lid, sides and bottom ensures even cooking of rice every time.
  • It offers healthy cooking options that is perfect for brown rice so as to retain their nutrients.
  • It has an easy to use control panel and timer that you can set to your convenience.
  • Multi- function that offers you perfect cooking of different kinds of rice.

The Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH uses induction technology and boasts a heating performance level similar to devices that work on gas. It is extremely efficient and you will simply save money cooking. Although we love the design, its features are unbelievable, too.

This is an efficient rice cooker that will definitely make your cooking experience much better. It gives you different kinds of options which make the cooker very versatile and can be used to cook many different things. The stainless steel exterior gives it a simple yet very easy to clean look that most people love most about it. The inner lid is detachable so that you can thoroughly clean it too.

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

  • Comes with a steamer that works as both a steamer and cakes baker.
  • It is multifunction that allows you to be able to cook different types of rice perfectly.
  • It is easy to clean with a detachable inner lid and a stainless steel exterior that further eases cleaning.
  • Comes with useful accessories such as a spatula and a measuring cup that helps you get the right measurements.

The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 uses a unique heating technology that thinks and adapts according to what you're cooking. For instance, if you're cooking brown rice, the device will adjust its temperature and cooking time vs. cooking white rice. Even though the end result is just the same, the quality is superior. This feature is called Artificial Intelligence and it's great for everyone who is just starting with cooking rice.

It uses fuzzy logic technology that allows the rice cooker to be automated. The control panel is very easy to read and use even if you are not well conversant with the appliance. It can be used for a variety of tasks including balking cake.

Aroma Rice Cooker ARC-914SBD Review

  • Unique functions: Easily programmable modes with Steam, Brown Rice, White Rice, Delay Timer (fifteen hours) as well automatic Keep-Warm technology.
  • Up to eight cups of rice
  • Non-stick inner cooking pot can be removed
  • Comes with rice measuring cup, steam tray, serving spatula
  • 2-8 cups of rice.

The Aroma ARC-914SBD is an incredible 8-cup rice cooker and also a food steamer. Cook vegetables and meat at the same time and use the programmable digital controls to ensure a great taste. The package also contains a rice measuring cup, a food steamer try as well as a serving spatula. We actually found the add ons very easy to use.

You can easily get restaurant quality rice with this easy to use and fully automated cooker. It allows you to do other things while you leave all the cooking and steaming to it which is very convenient if you have limited time.

Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker with Slow Cooker and Bread Maker Review

  • 11 easy to use computerized menu options.
  • It is multifunction which means that it can cook different kinds of rice perfectly.
  • It has a 5 layer metal and 3layer coating that helps in even cooking.
  • It has a removable lid for easy washing.

The Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U is marketed as a rice cooker, but it does much more than that! It boasts multiple unique functions that let you bake bread, steam vegetables, make fritttata and slow cook stews. It cooks rice to pure perfection as well!

This is one of the best multi- functional rice cookers since it has both fast and slow cooking option for when you are on no hurry. The best aspect about this cooker is the fact that you can cook bread in it and it will turn out perfectly due to its multiple layered pot that provides even heating. It also uses Micom technology that not only helps you achieve perfect rice; it also helps with the automatic warming feature.

Cuckoo CRP-G1015F 10 Cup Electric Pressure Rice Cooker Review

  • It has a large capacity since it can make up to 10 cups of rice comfortably without spilling or undercooking.
  • It is multi-functional. It can cook different kinds of rice such as white and brown rice perfectly.
  • It is a pressure cooker which allows you to effectively switch up the heat requirements for the kind of rice that you are cooking.

This is one of the most reliable and efficient rice cookers in the industry and here is why you should have it:

Pros and Cons

Just like any other appliance that you may want to buy, the Brown Rice Cookers have their own advantages and disadvantages that you need to be aware of if you are going to be purchasing one. However, in this case, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages so it would still be a wise buy if you decide to do so.

They use nonstick inner pans which are very easy to clean since they do not allow the food to stick on the bottom or sides.
It is fully automatic meaning that it is perfect for someone who is busy since it takes care of all the cooking without much supervision.
They use induction heating that allows for quick cooking option which means that the brown rice will cook for a much shorter period of time.
You can simultaneously steam some vegetables while cooking which saves a lot of time that would have been used in preparing that dish.
They can be used for many different functions apart from cooking rice which include making soups, chilies, and baking cakes.
Most of them have a delay timer that allows you to preset the time you would want the food ready, you can do this up to 15 hours ahead of time.
The non-stick pan is not suitable for those people who have health concerns since it has Teflon.
The beeping sounds may be annoying to some people since they can be quite loud.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Rice Cooker for Brown rice?

We've put together some useful advice on what to consider when looking for a brown rice cooker. Since it requires more water you need to assess things like size and heating technology. We read hundreds of reviews before writing this piece of text, but this part is all about factors you need to consider when buying a rice cooker for brown rice. If you're looking for a new appliance and don't know what to choose, just read on.


The brown rice cookers come in different sizes that are suitable for large families and small families. You need to keep in mind the size of your family since this will ensure that you buy the correct size so as to avoid cooking food in rounds. Remember that you have to choose the rice cooker based on how much you cook on a daily basis. If you cook 1-2 cups of rice, go for a 3-cup rice cooker. If you cook 2-5 cups of rice, a 5-cup rice cooker would be most suitable.

Heating technology

These rice cookers are electric and they use induction heating which means that they can decide the heat requirements for the rice as it is being cooked – leading to a perfectly cooked meal. The editor's choice in this article also lay upon Micom technology – which means that the rice cooker is actually controlled by a micro computer.

Traditional rice cookers are those that have the source of heat beneath the pot. It's better to opt for induction heating though – if your budget allows that.


They have a stainless steel exterior which would fit perfectly in any kitchen despite its design so whether you have a modern styled or an old fashioned one, these rice cookers would be perfect for your kitchen. However, note that some appliances come in different colors, so it's always best to choose the one suitable for your kitchen.


Since they are multi-functional, you can use brown rice cookers for cooking all types of rice from white to sushi rice, they can also be used to cook a variety of different meals such as soups, chilies and baking cakes. They also allow you to steam vegetables while cooking the rice.

Clean up

Unlike the stainless steel cookers, the brown rice cookers have non- stick cooking pots which make them perfect for cleaning since they do not allow food to stick on them. The inner lids are also removable for easy cleaning.


These rice cookers come in a range of different prices from around $30 to $400 thus if you are on a tight budget, you will be able to get a good rice cooker that you can use for a long time since they are very well made and have superior features. However, entry-level rice cookers that can make brown rice are in a completely different league than higher-end models.


This is important since it ensures that you do not have to incur repair costs that should be handled by the manufacturer. These appliances come with at least a limited one year warranty that covers any technical malfunctions that may occur. Aim to get a product with longer warranty since brown rice demands more than white rice.


Most of brown rice cookers come with accessories such as a serving spatula, steaming tray and measuring cup which ensures that you get the perfect measuring for the rice so as to avoid overloading the rice cooker.

Buy a rice cooker today!

Brown rice cookers are a must-buy appliance for all those people who love having brown rice. They are made in such a way that they cook the hard grains of the brown rice much faster than it would normally take if you were to simply cook it without the rice cooker. They come in a variety of models as discussed above so that you have a list to choose from and have your perfectly cooked meal every time you need it. By now you should be able to make your decision about the rice cooker that is perfect for your needs.

You are now ready to buy as you know all the insights.