Oyama CFS-F12W 7 Cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Review

The stainless steel construction of the Oyama CFS-F12W rice cooker makes it as the best selling point for the model. Any person would be comfortable dealing with a nice rice cooker made of steel. Such a product will be screaming durability all the way. Other than having a great and strong construction, the device still uses a heating technique that people would love to use. Below is our review in depth to show you more about the product.

Latest Customer Reviews

A quality purchase
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Stephanie Joy
I was looking for a reliable appliance when I found this little thing. I filtered through tens of non-stick crappy rice cookers, read countless reviews and came across this beauty made of stainless steel. I purchased it from Amazon and was impressed with the quality of this Oyama product.
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Kim Berg
I bought this rice cooker back in May 2015, so I've been using it for quite some time. I wanted an ALL stainless steel rice cooker and I found it at Oyama. I was hoping for a fuzzy-logic one, but I guess it's just marketing propaganda, so I ended up falling in love with this magnificent product. No need for something more technical.
Worth it
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Alexis C.
Very easy to use, although the directions did not seem to make sense. We figured out how it works and what works for us quite fast. Very easy to clean as well. We're happy with the purchase!

Our Review

The Oyama CFS-F12W is the absolute best rice cooker made of stainless steel you can buy for your average-sized family. Know that it comes with a stainless steel body and inner pot, as well as a useful steamer tray. Those who are looking for a rice cooker with all stainless steel cooking surface will love this one. Let’s see what we found about this model.


The Oyama CFS F12W has product dimensions as 10 x 10 x 10 inches. It is a relatively large rice cooker as compared to its closest competitors. The size is not just large as a waste, since it delivers on capacity just as many households would need. The product comes with a 7-cup capacity that can be enough to feed the whole family.

Heating Technology

When it comes to cooking, the manufacturer went for the simple but effective 3 dimensional heating system. The 3 dimensional system will heat the pot on the base, side and lid. Such a cooking technique ensures that you get to heat all the food at once, thus ending up with evenly cooked rice or any other meal being prepared. The technique is still important if you have to keep the rice warm for longer even after you have already cooked. The rice can remain warm for around 12 hours with a limit of 24 hours.


The design of the rice cooker represents that of a normal cooking pot that we all use at home for cooking. The whole cooking experience should be easy with all the controls being only two buttons. Once you have loaded the cooker with rice, you just need to press the cook button and let it do the rest of the cooking easily. The inclusion of the steamer tray as part of the design makes it multiple functionality rice cooker.


The product is made with a stainless steel cooking bowl and an additional stainless steel steamer tray. These two components mean that the product is best suited for cooking rice, and steaming other food types whenever necessary. You can use the steamer when you want to preserve more nutrients in the food types such as vegetables and fruits. The device works better if you keep it well maintained at all times, so ensure to read the instructions carefully on its maintenance.

Clean Up

The nonstick material for many people has always been an issue because they think it will leech into their food. That is not a problem with this product as no non-stick material is used. The stainless steel construction is still great for food release. This means no more dealing with food stuck on the sides of the cooking pot. You can easily wash off the food remains from the pots in the sink. No special washing is needed to clean the product, thus many people would feel it is easy to clean the rice cooker.


The Oyama CFS model retails at $52 in most stores with variations based on condition and store. You can expect that at such a price not many people would be complaining much about how they cannot afford it. It is seen as the best product to choose when working on a tight budget. In most cases, the used Oyam CFS rice cookers will be a lot cheaper than what you get for the new device.


The manufacturer offers 5-year warranty on its carbon frame and 2 years on the other parts. Such warranty periods make a person feel that it is a strong and durable material. The manufacturer is quick to point out that the warranty will only apply to those who were the original owners of the product and it is not transferable.

Add Ons

The stainless steel steamer tray in this case is the add-on that makes the rice cooker to perform other cooking functionalities. With the steamer tray, it is now possible to steam vegetables, poultry, meat and other food types that would be great if steamed.

Features and Specifications

The streamer tray, inner lid and cooking bowl are made of stainless steel. There is also a material which is triple layered and ensures no burning of rice as well as no sticking during warming and cooking. There is no Telfon used in this cooker. It steams meats, veggies and other foods. It’s well made overall and it’s automatic, so if you’re looking for some rice cooker that is stable and durable, you’ve found it. The only downside is that you need to unplug it when you no longer need the keep warm mode.

  • Manufacturer: Oyama
  • Item Weight: 6 pounds
  • Origin: China
  • 3 dimensional heating
  • Stainless steel construction
  • No nonstick coatings are used

Looking at the customer reviews we noted that the glass-made cover makes it extremely easy to clean and it also allows you to see how to rice is cooked inside. Oster creates great appliances and this product is by all means a great one.

Pros and Cons

Three dimensional heating.
The use of 3 dimensional heating technique provides for better cooking of the rice. The technique helps with faster and even cooking as heat is supplied all over the rice cooker.
Strong stainless steel construction.
The stainless steel promises to deliver a durable rice cooker that many people would want. No more dealing with cookers that can easily break at any time.
Additional functionality with steamer tray.
It is now possible to cook rice and steam other food types that you like. The inclusion of the steamer tray provides a way of steaming the vegetables, fruits and meat.
The lid is not tough enough.
Many people have complained about spewing of the lid when the water was boiling. You would wish to have an airtight lid that will enable the rice to cook faster.
Rice sticks at the bottom.
Because it does not have the nonstick surface, you can always expect that more rice will stick at the bottom. The nonstick surface still seems important to many people even when the company decided not to use it.

Oyama CFS-F12W 7 Cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Review: Summary

The product is not filled with many tech toys, but it still does the job. Its capacity is quite enough for a family of four for a reasonable price. Besides, it will cook the rice using the right temperature thanks to the 3 dimensional heating technique. It is not common to find a rice cooker that supplies heat to the base, side and lid. You will always find your food still warm even hours after cooking all due to the warm feature on the product. You still will be able to steam your favorite food (anything from vegetables to meat) whenever you want as the manufacturer supplies you with the steamer tray for the steaming function.

With all that information about the product, you can now make an informed decision about buying it. You are now ready to buy this product! Click there to purchase it at a discounted rate!

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