Tatung TAC-11QN 11 Cup Multifunctional Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Review

When it comes to rice cookers, most people would want a large capacity and strong construction. Well, that is what you get with the Tatung TAC-11QN model. It is an 11-cup of uncooked rice, which means you get 22 cups of the cooked rice. The next time you have to make a meal for the large family consider this one first. With the stainless steel construction, the product promises better durability. You will learn more benefits of the choosing this model still in this review.

Latest Customer Reviews

A rice cooker you can trust
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Michael Poey
I did plenty of research to replace my trust 10-year-old Zojirushi. This time I wanted to do my best to avoid non-stick materials. My field was narrowed a bit, but I found this in an Asian store. Looks can be deceiving as this rice cooker is a stunning multi-functional appliance. I just love it!
Incredible quality
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Katelyn Din
Stainless steel inside and out. What can you want more? The rice is cooked extremely fast and it's very moist. My family loves it and we are really happy with what it provides. The best thing is the material the manufacturer used to craft such a wonderful kitchen appliance. My kids love it.
A great investment
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Christine E.
I grew up in Taiwan and everyone had a Tatung rice cooker. It's great for steamed fish, steamed gyoza, soups, rice, and many other things. Really multi-purpose.

Our Review

We get to look at the Tatung TAC-11QN model that seems to offer more features for the price issued. Get to learn more about the product from our in-depth analysis below.


Size matters a lot because of storage space and personal taste. You would not want a too big rice cooker that you have to take out a few things in your kitchen just to accommodate it. Luckily, for the Tatung TAC-11QN model, it has the right size. The cooker measures 12.3 x 12.3 x 11.7 inches in dimensions.

Heating Technology

The heating technology is always important so as to know how the rice will be cooked and amount of heat that will be used. This model uses the indirect heating system to cook the rice. The advantage of such a system is that you get to preserve the texture and taste of your food dishes. The indirect heating system works by heating and steaming the entire pot at the same time. The result of such a technology is that you will end up with tastier dishes that are evenly cooked. The manufacturer claims that such a method will help reduce the amount of heat needed to keep cooking the food as it cooks all at the same rate.


The manufacturer did a great job with the design. The rice cooker resembles a normal cooking pot that we use at home all the time. Such a design makes someone comfortable with the product about its capabilities. Other than just the shape, the manufacturer made it easy to operate the cooker altogether. You only get three buttons on the control panel, the buttons are for on and off, warm and cook. Just like that, you should be able to cook or warm your meals.


The product is made to be a rice cooker, but still it comes with other functions it can support. The cooker can also prepare stew, steam, boil and reheating your meals. With many functions, you should be feeling the value for your money anytime you get to use the product. The same cannot be said for some of its competitors whose functions are just to cook rice and nothing else. So the next time your rice gets cold, simply reheat it to have a nice warm plate of a meal.

Clean Up

The inner and outer parts of the rice cooker are made of stainless steel. This means that you get to enjoy food that does not have any metal contaminations. We all know that stainless steel will not corrode any time soon. The same steel material is quite easy to clean after you have done cooking. With simply washing techniques, you should be able to remove the rice debris still in the cooking pot.


For a new Tatung TAC-11QN rice cooker, you will have to pay $125 to get it. The price for used rice cookers of the same models is slightly cheaper than the new one. Even with such a price, it is still among the affordable rice cookers on the market right now. You should be in a position to get one for your family if it ends up impressing you with the features.


The manufacturer offers a limited warranty period of 1 year on the product. The limited warranty applies to the parts and labor that will be used during the servicing session. Do not take the rice cooker for servicing when the damage is due to careless mistakes or you have made some changes to it. Ensure that you read the store return and refund policy before buying a product from it.

Add Ons

You will get several add-ons when buying this Tatung TAC-11QN rice cooker. It comes with a steaming tray, rice spatula, inner pot lid, and a measuring cup. The measuring cup is important when you have to get the right amount of rice into the cooker and the steaming tray is used for warming your food when it gets cold.

Features and Specifications

This multifunctional stainless steel rice cooker certainly draws attention. This material can resist for a hundred years if taken care of. With a classy and shiny appearance, this rice cooker can take 11 cups of rice (of any type). In addition to this, it can also steam vegetables. The on/off warming switch makes it extremely convenient.

  • Manufacturer: Tatung
  • Item Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Item Model Number: TAC-11QN
  • 11 cups uncooked rice
  • Multifunctional: Boils, cooks, steams, stews, reheats
  • Stainless steel construction for outer and inner parts

Pros and Cons

More capacity than its rivals.
With the 11-cup capacity, this is a great cooker to use for a large family.
Stainless steel construction.
The stainless steel material is known to offer better durability than any other product. You are looking at a long lasting cooker with this product.
Easy to operate.
With just three buttons, it should not be hard to use the product. You simply warm, cook, or turn on and off the cooker.
The heating element dies out in a few years.
Most people have complained about the heating element needing a replacement after using the cooker for a few years.
No mention of non-stick surface.
The manufacturer does not use a non-stick coating on the product. This makes it hard to remove the remains from the cooking pot after serving the cooked rice.

Tatung TAC-11QN 11 Cup Multifunctional Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Review: Summary

No need to waste your money buying products that cannot last when the Tatung TAC-11QN model is available. It is created with the idea of having a multifunctional rice cooker that can still prepare stew, boil, steam, and re-warm your food. The stainless steel construction is another selling point for the product as you would feel comfortable having a strong cooking pot. The product has many other benefits you can enjoy as mentioned above, so go ahead and get yourself one.

The Tatung TAC-11QN is available at a great price and it can be a perfect investment for those avid rice lovers who want an appliance that does the trick. It’s small, compact and really easy to use. It handles grains of all types and it’s multi-purpose – which can be extremely important for most people.

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