Tiger JAJ-A55U-WS 3-Cup Micom Slow Rice Cooker Review

The Tiger JAJ-A55U-WS model features a different shape that we often do not see in the company’s rice cookers. It is something different for sure and it looks great. The model comes with more than just fancy looks, meaning it packs more impressive features for your cooking activities. In this small rice cooker, you get to choose 8 cooking modes based on your rice type and other needs.

Latest Customer Reviews

Makes perfect brown and white rice
Rating (5 out of 5)
By John J.
We had a Zojirushi NP-GBC05-XT before and it got stolen from the trunk while on holiday. This high-end Tiger rice cooker is incredible and we love the preset programs. You can actually try many combinations to see if you like it soft or fluffy. It's a keeper.
My new travel companion
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Christina Y.
It's so compact that I started taking it with me in hotel rooms. I travel a lot so it's nice to handle restaurant food easily. I've made soup, rice, stew and even baked a cake. I love it!
Perfect size for a small family
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Laura B.
We are HAPPY with it. 2 cups of uncooked rice is more than enough for two adults and two little kids. I can't possibly imagine life without this device now. It's so useful.

Our Review

This compact rice cooker had several features that the team liked, so they gave it a comprehensive review to help you learn more about it.


It has the dimensions 10.7 x 8.7 x 5.7 inches, making it among the small models that come from the Tiger Corporation. You should have no trouble finding extra space to keep it in your kitchen. It also weighs at 6.4 pounds, making it quite portable – a feature anyone would want with an essential electronic device such as this one.

Heating Technology

The device uses a simple heating technology that is now a standard feature in many Tiger rice cookers. It uses the Micom controlled heating plate. The plate will be heated based on the current cooking needs rather than continuously heating when there is no much need. All that is possible with the microchip fitted in the cooker with sensors that trigger the heating changes. Your rice will always be cooked at optimal temperature to ensure you get the right rice texture.


You would like the design at first seeing the device. It comes with a box shape rather than what you are used to seeing in most rice cookers. It is something different that makes it stand out. The operating panel has several buttons for controlling the cooker with an LCD display that shows the temperature and other necessities. The cooker should not be hard to use thanks to a simple design that makes many of its features easily accessible.


Who would not love to get a rice cooker and a bread maker in the same machine? This model provides you with a chance to do some cooking and still make bread. The multiple functionality is what you need in many devices today. Like for this one, you do not have to buy another device now to make bread. It still features the famous Tiger Syncro-cooking feature. We did not expect it on a cheaper model, but it seems as a standard feature now. You will get to cook two different food types at the same when using the Syncro-cooking feature.

Clean Up

Many people would want a rice cooker that is easy to clean after using it. That should not be a problem with the Tiger Corporation JAJ model. It features a detachable and washable inner lid. That is not common with some other electronics. The lid can be easily washed in a sink to remove dirt. Luckily, the cooking plate is made of nonstick coating, this makes cleaning much easier for many people.


You do not have to rob a bank for this one, as it costs $150. Of course, there might be a slight variation depending on where you buy. On overall, this is an affordable rice cooker that can deliver on your needs for cooking rice and other functionalities it can offer.


The manufacturer offers a limited one-year warranty on the rice cooker. The limited part of the warranty means that you get to receive services from the manufacturer that are limited to the cost of labor and parts replaced. Ensure that you have the original purchase receipt when taking it for repairs. Without the receipt, it will be hard to get the services you need as per the warranty.

Add Ons

The manufacturer offers quite a number of extras such as a spatula, a cookbook and a rice-measuring cup. Whenever you feel like cooking something new other than just boiling rice, use the cookbook provided. It has several recipes that could benefit you. The rice-measuring cup should help you prepare the right amount of rice based on the capacity of the rice cooker. The nonstick spatula should help with scooping rice from the rice cooker once it is done cooking.

Features and Specifications

The ‘tacook’ function can help you prepare two dishes at the same time. In addition to this, The Tiger JAJ-A55U-WS boasts two preset cooking timers and can be used by everyone. It’s easy to clean and boasts a 2-year protection for just $10.

  • Brand: Tiger Corporation
  • Item Weight: 6.4 Pounds
  • Origin: China
  • Item Model Number: JAJ-A55U-WS
  • 3-cup capacity
  • 4-in-1 cooking capabilities
  • Nonstick inner plate
  • Nonstick spatula
  • Detachable top lid
  • Synchro-cooking capability

Pros and Cons

It comes with a cookbook:
if you have always had a problem with what to cook, now you have somewhere to start. The cookbook provided with the rice cooker should help you get started.
Computerized menus for better cooking:
the computerized menu settings help you choose the right model based on your cooking needs. You can choose quick rice, risotto, brown rice, soup and many others.
Impressive add-ons:
you get add-ons such as a nonstick spatula and rice measuring cup which are all important when it comes to cooking and serving the rice.
Small capacity:
with a 3-cup capacity, it is not the most suitable rice cooker you will need in the place of a large family.
Does not have a carry handle:
the cooker would have been great if it came with a handle. It is hard to move it from place to place without fearing it might drop because it lacks a handle.

Tiger Corporation JAJ-A55U-WS 3-Cup Micom Slow Rice Cooker Review: Summary

The design makes the Tiger Corporation JAJ-A550U model stands out among its competitors. It further gets its attention when you get to read more about the product features. The unit having BPA free cooking plate is something many people who are plastic conscious would want in a unit. This means no more worrying about different contaminants that come from heated plastic. For those with a larger family, it would be better to go for a larger model as the 3-cup capacity is not enough. Other than a few demerits of the product, it is generally a superb rice cooker and bread maker.

The Tiger JAJ-A55U-WS is reasonably priced and it’s a valuable investment for those people who eat rice on a daily basis. It’s a quality product which boasts some really nice features.

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