Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker with Slow Cooker and Bread Maker Review

The all-new Tiger JKT-S10U-K rice cooker model combines different types of new technology and design to deliver impressive cooking capabilities. The manufacturer did combine 4 functions into 1 machine. This means the machine can cook rice, bread baking, synchro-cooking and act as a slow cooker. The overall design and operation is just easy, you should have no problem using the model at any a time when you need a meal.

Latest Customer Reviews

“Enjoying the new technology”
Rating (5 out of 5)
By Lorena Hernandez
I am getting to love the whole idea of Micom Technology. The technology has made it easy to make the heat changes to suit the cooking capabilities of the rice cooker. The Tiger JKT model surely has more technology packed into it that makes the whole cooking experience better.
“Synchro-cooking is the best”
Rating (4.5 out of 5)
By Lawrence Valdez
When I read about being able to cook two different food types at the same time, I knew this was the product to buy. I have been making different food types simultaneously without having to worry about the flavors mixing. I can really recommend this product to a friend to also enjoy such a benefit.
“Absolutely great”
Rating (4.7 out of 5)
By Michael Pop
I'm impressed. When my wife came with the idea of spending a lot of money on such a machine I was skeptical at first. However, it truly makes cooking rice easier and if you're a big fan of Chinese food it certainly makes your life easier. This model is one of the best.

Our Review

Many people now want a reliable product to help for simple cooking activities such as rice cooking and bread baking. This led to us reviewing about the Tiger JKT IH model. The following review should help you know more about the machine, its features and what it can deliver as a cooker.


This model measures at 13.9 x 10.2 x 8.4 inches, making is a fairly compact model in its category. The size of the rice cooker makes it perfect for everyday use around the kitchen to heat up your rice or bread. It has an impressive capacity of 5.5 cups that makes it perfect for a small family.

Heating Technology

The model brings in a new type of Micom (Microcomputer) Technology that is aimed at improving the working capability of the cooker. The Micom Technology is where a microcomputer chip inserted into cooker by the manufacturer controls the rice cooker and warming capabilities. Based on your choice from the control panel, you can control the amount of power and cooking time the cooker has to use. All these adjustments are possible with the smart chip in the cooker.


The design of the Tiger JKT-S10U rice cooker is well thought that gives an adorable look of the machine. The manufacturer made it easy to find all the controls in one place as opposed to when using other models from other manufacturers. You can easily make the changes and start the cooking process by using only a few buttons.


The manufacturer states that the product can be used as a rice cooker and a bread maker. The rice cooking part is more dominant with the product. Setting it up should not be hard as the guidelines are clearly indicated in the manual. You simply need to open it up and set up your rice or bread and get it heated. You should have your food in no time.

Clean Up

Cleaning after use is what can sometimes scare people not to use rice cookers. Luckily, for this model you can remove the lid and wash it in your sink. This gives you an access to the interior with a lot of ease for cleaning. The best part is that the interior is made of a nonstick material, so do not worry about scrubbing the rice off the surface. It will easily come off when cleaning. You can follow the additional cleanup process as indicated in the manual.


The Tiger JKT IH rice cooker has a market price of $365 currently. The price might vary with a small price change based on the store. Expect to have some discounts at some stores based on several factors.


You get a 3-year warranty when buying the product. The warranty covers the mechanical and electrical components of the rice cooker and bread maker. You are eligible for a full refund if the product is returned within 30 days.

Add Ons

The synchro-cooking idea of this model has made to stand out as a superior product. The option of synchro-cooking is where you can use the same machine to prepare two different meals. The best part is that each food will maintain its flavor at the end of the cooking session and you don’t need add ons for that!

Features and Specifications

Tiger JKT-S10U-K 5.5 Rice Cooker is truly a game-changing cooker. Know that it is controlled by a microchip and boasts eleven computerized cooking settings. The best part? You can prepare two other dishes in the same time because of the ‘tacook synchronized cooking function’.

  • Brand: Tiger Corporation
  • Item weight: 9.9 pounds
  • Origin: Japan
  • Item Model Number: JKT-S10U-K
  • Computerized cooking menu settings
  • Micom (Microcomputer) Technology
  • Induction heating system

Pros and Cons

Impressive heating system:
the induction heating technology used in the cooker is made to have thermal efficiency and still cook the food faster as compared to other types of heating system.
Synchro-cooking capability:
this simply means that you get to cook two different food types at the same time. This can actually help to save on time when you need to cook more food in a short time.
Easy-to-read and Use LCD display and control panel:
the LCD display will show all the reliable information about the rice cooking or any other food in the cooker. With the easy to use control panel, you can always make the adjustments to meet your needs as the user.
An expensive model:
yes, you will have to spend a lot more to get this rice cooker. The price sometimes can limit people to choosing the product, especially when you are on a budget.
Takes longer to prepare meals:
since it is labeled as a slow cooker, you can expect that the cooking is not faster at all. You might have to wait longer for the rice to be ready as compared to conventional methods of cooking rice.

Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker with Slow Cooker and Bread Maker: Summary

The Tiger JKT-S10U model promises to deliver on your rice cooking and bread baking needs that you might have right now. It is actually true that you get to cook better and end up with a delicious meal when using this model. The idea of having to cook two meals simultaneously using the synchro-cooking feature will be a dealmaker for many people. You can imagine saving on power or gas of cooking two different food types at the same time rather than cooking separately.

Well, it is not all rosy either with the rice cooker as it comes at quite an expensive price. You must really need a rice cooker in order to spend such amount of money on it. The other issue is the slow cooking nature. You really have to be patient with this model if actually you want to have a great meal as it takes time to cook the rice. Other than a few hiccups on the model, it is a great investment for your kitchen in the end.

Knowing all this, you are now ready to buy this product at a discounted rate!

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