Best Tiger Rice Cookers Review and Compare

The Tiger JAX-T10U-K Rice Cooker is one of the best products from this brand. The Micom technology has extremely many options and comes with functions that can help you cook everything from plain rice to mixed rice, brown rice, and multi-grain rice.

About Tiger

Most people find shopping for appliances a tiresome job that they would get rid of altogether were it not for the fact that they would need the appliance. This is usually the case when trying to decide which the best rice cooker is which will handle their needs effectively. Others simply think that it is a matter of looking at the rice cooker reviews such as tiger which is one of the top brands of rice cookers but the reality is it takes more than that.

When you want to find the perfect rice cooker that will not give you trouble after a few times of using it, then you should read this article more keenly since it is the ultimate rice cooker buying guide. Here, we will describe for you the top models by Tiger which is one of the very best and most reliable brands to purchase. We will highlight all the advantages and important specifications of each and every model so that you can be able to compare and see which one is the best for your needs. Rice cookers are quite versatile and if you are able to find the right one, you will realize that you will have solved a lot of your kitchen concerns with just one appliance and this article should help you in figuring that out.

This brand of rice cookers is very popular with people who are busy thus they want a cooker that will make cooking very simple and time saving for them. This is made possible by the easy to use LCD screen that has a number of options to help you achieve the meal that you want. It is fully automated thus all you need to do is prepare everything and just by the push of a button, you can simply get perfectly cooked rice in hardly any time at all. You can choose to use quick mode that helps in making sure that your rice is perfectly cooked as fast as possible. The rice cooker uses induction heating that ensures that there is proper control of heat which will result in a perfect meal each and every time. After the rice cooker has finished cooking, you do not have to take it out immediately, it can keep the rice warm for you till serving time thus you do not have to go through the process of warming all over again.

If you are looking for convenience, reliability and versatility, then you should consider purchasing this brand of rice cookers. They are very well made with the consumer in mind so that your experience using the rice cooker is nothing but exciting. They are very easy to use while giving you a variety of options to choose from that help in making cooking easier for you. They can also multitask thus if you need to prepare two meals at once, you can simply do it and save a lot of time.

Our Tiger Rice Cookers Reviews

Tiger rice cookers are well made so that they work efficiently and effectively. They have high class features that distinguish themselves from any other brand of rice cookers that you may have looked at. Below we have highlighted for you the benefits of each model and given the major specs that would make you choose these rice cookers compared to any other. These are the top models from Tiger that are made to make your cooking experience much simpler and enjoyable.

Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5 Cup Micom Rice Cooker Review

  • It is a 4- in one function since it can cook rice, Tacook synchro- cooking, slow cooking and steaming.
  • Fully automated cooking that is achieved by just a push of a button.
  • Easy to wash inner lid since it is removable.
  • It automatically keeps food warm after cooking so there is no need to keep checking if it is getting cold.

The Tiger JAX-T10U-K is a multi-functional rice cooker which boasts the all-new 'tacook' synchronized cooking option. You need minimal preparation to start cooking and the automatic system monitors cooking temperatures to generate a perfect meal. It also has a slow cooker function that can help you achieve the best taste ever.

This rice cooker pays a lot of attention to the flavor of the food since the plate is made in a way that no foreign flavors can be absorbed and thus destroy the taste of the food. Thanks to the Tacook system of cooking, you can easily cook something else in the pot while the rice is cooking without them mixing and they both end perfectly.

Bottom line: we love it!

Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker with Slow Cooker and Bread Maker Review

  • 11 easy to use computerized menu options.
  • It is multifunction which means that it can cook different kinds of rice perfectly.
  • It has a 5 layer metal and 3layer coating that helps in even cooking.
  • It has a removable lid for easy washing.

The Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U is marketed as a rice cooker, but it does much more than that! It boasts multiple unique functions that let you bake bread, steam vegetables, make fritttata and slow cook stews. It cooks rice to pure perfection as well!

This is one of the best multi- functional rice cookers since it has both fast and slow cooking option for when you are on no hurry. The best aspect about this cooker is the fact that you can cook bread in it and it will turn out perfectly due to its multiple layered pot that provides even heating. It also uses Micom technology that not only helps you achieve perfect rice; it also helps with the automatic warming feature.

Tiger JAJ-A55U-WS 3-Cup Micom Slow Rice Cooker Review

  • Synchro-cooking that allows you to cook two dishes at once.
  • Thick inner pan that allows even cooking and prevents burning of the rice while cooking.
  • It has automatic keep warm feature that warms your food till you are ready to serve.
  • Easy to use controls and buttons that do not need much for one to understand how to operate them.

The Tiger Corporation JAJ-A55U-WS boasts a great design and an interesting synchro-cooking function. It's interesting design and the color variety makes it an ideal appliance for all those who would love such a product in their homes but lack space or don't want a classic rice cooker. We absolutely love this!

This is an extremely easy to use rice cooker that comes with a lot of options that are sure to make it easy to achieve the kind of cooking that you want. It has a preset cooking timer that makes cooking simpler for you especially when you do not have the time to do everything yourself. It is very easy to clean with removable parts.

Unique Features of Tiger Rice Cookers

Fully automated.
You do not have to keep checking whether your rice is done cooking since all you have to do is choose the mode that you want and leave it all to the cooker. It is controlled by a microchip that allows it to be able to control the cooking till it is done.
Induction heating.
The cookers use top technology in induction heating which ensures that there is proper heating and you can easily control how much heat you want your rice to cook in which results in perfectly cooked rice.
Easy to clean.
The rice cookers are very easy to clean since most of the parts are detachable such as the inner lid that allows you to remove and clean it. The pot is round shaped which further boosts the ability to get all the particles and remnants out during cleaning.
‘Tacook’ system.
This is a system that allows you to cook two different means all at once. It is very easy to do and saves on a lot of time especially if you are in a hurry.

Summing it up

Tiger rice cookers give you convenience since that is exactly what you need in a rice cooker. So whether you cook rice daily or once in a while, it will cater for all your needs. The multifunction feature is sure to help you get the perfect meal every time that you use it, so if you need a rice cooker that will deliver it, you should go for this brand, it never disappoints.

You are now ready to buy the Tiger rice cooker that fits your needs! Get it at a discounted price!